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Fine Paints of Europe

Gregory's Paint & Flooring is proud to be associated with Fine Paints of Europe, a producer of beautiful and lasting Dutch enamels. With unmatched quality and a reputation for excellence, Fine Paints of Europe sets your project apart.

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Created by Designer Cassandra Buckalew.

Exceptional quality and elegance

Fine Paints of Europe is a premier producer of beautiful, long-lasting Dutch enamels. These practical, cost-effective alternatives to domestic paints are only available to retail consumers from select stores like Gregory's Paints & Flooring. Fine Paints of Europe products are formulated in the Netherlands using only the finest ingredients available and are held to the highest standards. Gregory's Paint & Flooring is the only Fine Paints of Europe Retailer in Georgia, and we'll deliver or ship their products directly to you! Contact us today to learn more.