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Fine Paints of Europe

Gregory's Paint & Flooring brings your walls and wooden pieces to life with a fresh coat of high-quality paint. Read on further for more details about the types of paint we stock and get inspiration for your next project.

Fine Paints of Europe 3

Created by Designer Cassandra Buckalew.

Fine Paints fo Europe

Another name we're proud to be associated with is Fine Paints of Europe, a producer of beautiful, long-lasting Dutch enamels. These, practical cost-effective alternatives to domestic paints are only available to retail consumers from select, independent stores like Gregory's Paints and Flooring. Fine Paints of Europe are formulated in the Netherlands from the finest ingredients available and held to the high standards that have propelled the country to become the world leader in interior coatings. Gregory's Paint & Flooring is the only Fine Paints of Europe Retailer in Georgia, and we'll deliver or ship their products directly to you! Contact us today to learn more.